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About Kerri MacKay

Kerri MacKay is a blogger, coach, quantified self-er, and ePatient. A former gym class hater, she now holds a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education. Diagnosed with asthma in 2008 when she was 16, Kerri believes she is not defined by her diagnoses, but rather that they help explain her. Kerri writes for work and fun (often simultaneously!) on topics including asthma, ADHD, learning issues, patient engagement, and technology. Airplanes, t-shirts and cupcakes are among her favorite things. Connect with Kerri via Twitter at @KerriYWG, and at

By Kerri MacKay - October 31, 2017
As I went for a walk on Halloween (to go buy glow sticks for inside my pumpkin, of course), I reflexively reached down to my hoodie pocket under my jacket—there’s snow on... READ MORE

By Kerri MacKay - September 29, 2017
In September, I was fortunate to again attend the Medicine X Conference at Stanford University. A core focus of this conference—which is now tag lined “People. Technology. Design.”—is that of design thinking... READ MORE

By Kerri MacKay - September 6, 2017
While simple to use, a first nebulizer treatment solo can feel a bit daunting! This how-to video is not intended to replace advice from your doctor (because I’m clearly not one), but... READ MORE

By Kerri MacKay - August 1, 2017
Recently, I went to the Stanford MedcineX | ED conference as an ePatient speaker, to present with my friend Sara on the role of social support in chronic disease management, and how... READ MORE