Becky Greiner

Asthma Community Advocate Becky GreinerBecky was previously a health leader on

Becky Greiner has experienced graduating from Northern Michigan University, living in Thailand for two years of Peace Corps service, moving across the country from Michigan to Florida, traveling, and becoming a half-marathon runner - all while managing asthma.

Becky first experienced shortness of breath and was diagnosed with asthma as a baby. Doctors were pretty sure she’d “grow out of it” but it followed her through childhood with one hospitalization, daily nebulizer treatments, medication in applesauce, and strict avoidance of cats, dogs, pine needles, and other known triggers.

As an adult, Becky had another severe asthma attack before getting serious about managing her health. Her asthma is now controlled enough to be able to have pets, run virtual and local races, and enjoy daily life with minimal symptoms, and her contributions share that experience and hope with others.

Her goal is to put a voice to the challenges and dangers that come with asthma, celebrate what works, and offer hope to those who are still searching.

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