Christy Amos

Asthma Community Advocate Christy Amos

Christy wasn’t diagnosed with asthma until she was late into high school. She remembers getting a sinus infection that just would not go away and it started to affect her breathing. Later that year she was diagnosed with asthma. Her symptoms continued to worsen year after year until her asthma was labeled as severe persistent. She is thankful to have a wonderful pulmonologist who she works closely with to keep her symptoms (mostly) under control.

Christy has spent a lot of time learning about and working in the medical field. She became a certified EMT after her freshman year of college, and shortly thereafter became a CPR/First Aid instructor, teaching both layperson and medical professionals. Christi studied pre-medical sciences as an undergrad but ultimately decided to pursue a degree in professional counseling. She enjoys being able to connect with people on an interpersonal level. Despite her multiple chronic illnesses, she is often told by others that they are amazed at her positive outlook. She loves being able to listen to others who are dealing with chronic illness and provide encouragement to others.

She enjoys spending time with her service dog Bella, teaching her new and helpful tricks. One of her greatest coping mechanisms is being creative and making things that bring her joy and inspire others. She has spent the last few years honing her skills as a miniaturist, building and furnishing an elaborate Victorian dollhouse. She also enjoys painting, crocheting, and sewing.

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