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Dr. Renee Matthews

Asthma Community Advocate Dr. Renee Matthews Dr. Renee Matthews AKA Ask Dr. Renee as she is affectionately known has made it her life work to educate her community about their health. She's drawn from her experiences while putting her expertise to work for a number of media outlets and the talk show circuit.

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As a long-time asthmatic, she has become a passionate advocate for asthma education. She addresses asthma sufferers' concerns about getting their best possible health and medical care by supplying them with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate the healthcare system, stay safe in the pursuit of care, and engage patients to be active participants in their health and healthcare.

Most recently, Dr. Renee appears in her show “Out of Office with Dr. Renee” which is seen in 45,000 Doctors’ offices and Walgreens across the country. And she added author to her list of titles, “Mommy, I Can’t Breathe: The Modern Guide to Navigate Asthma and Allergies” and “No, Reneé, You are Allergic”.