John Bottrell, RRT

Asthma Community Advocate John BottrellI was born in 1970, and two years later was diagnosed with asthma. My diagnosis was later upgraded to high risk asthma, mainly because my parents had to frequently take me to the emergency room for asthma. When I was fifteen it got so bad that I spent six months at an asthma hospital in Denver. They helped me to obtain better asthma control.

Back in those days I had to take 4 puffs of my maintenance inhaler 4 times every day, so maintaining good control was hard. Today, I only take 1 puff of my maintenance inhaler once a day, so maintaining good control is easy. This is a testament to the times we live in, and I am very thankful.

My dad encouraged me to become a respiratory therapist because, “You’d have empathy for your short of breath patients.” I have now been a therapist for nearly 20 years. In 2007 I started Respiratory Therapy Cave where I blog about my career and the lung diseases I live with and work with. Since 2008 I have been writing weekly columns about asthma and COPD for various health websites.

Even as a kid I felt thankful to have rescue inhalers to give me relief, and maintenance medicine to help me control my disease. So in 2015 I started Asthma History. Here I explore the history of our disease. I learned that the inhaler was not even invented until 1957, and this made me feel even more grateful to live among this generation of asthmatics.

I live in Ludington, Michigan, where I work for Spectrum Health. I am a die hard Detroit Tiger fan. I also love the Lions, and hope to be around when the finally win a Super Bowl. Still, all this said, my passion is spending quality time with my wife and my four kids.

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