Kerri MacKay

Asthma Community Advocate Kerri MacKay

Kerri MacKay is a blogger, coach, quantified self-er, and ePatient. A former gym class hater, she now holds a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education. Diagnosed with asthma in 2008 when she was 16, Kerri believes she is not defined by her diagnoses, but rather that they help explain her. Kerri is a Stanford MedicineX ePatient Scholar (2012 and 2014), and is passionate about patient engagement, self-advocacy, physical activity promotion, and story.
Kerri is an Executive Committee member of the Asthma Society of Canada’s National Asthma Patient Alliance, as well as Patient Lead with the Canadian Severe Asthma Network. She coaches the Manitoba men’s goalball team with Manitoba Blind Sports, and a Special Olympics program for young athletes. Kerri also assists with administrating the Smart Girls with ADHD Facebook community.

Kerri writes for work and fun (often simultaneously!) on topics including asthma, ADHD, learning issues, patient engagement, and technology. Airplanes, t-shirts and cupcakes are among her favorite things. Connect with Kerri via Twitter at @KerriYWG, and at

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