Patti Henry

Asthma Community Advocate Amanda Workman I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. I currently live at the beach in New Jersey. I was diagnosed with asthma as an adult, in my late 40s. Growing up in a city exposes you to a multitude of environmental hazards. Looking back, I am not at all surprised by the health issues that plague me today. I am a mom with three adult children. They are supportive, concerned and engaged in my health journey. They help me navigate a world full of asthma triggers and keep me laughing. My asthma is complicated by a host of other health issues. All of which impact my breathing. To further complicate my ability to breathe, I have only one fully functioning lung. (More about that another time.)

Asthma has impacted my life in many significant ways. I retired early from a job that I loved. I worked as a support aid for children with disabilities. Asthma just wouldn't allow me to "keep up." Living with asthma changes how I go about my daily life. If there are asthma sufferers out there like me who know no one with asthma, this website is an amazing way to know that you are not alone in your struggle. This is an amazing resource for ideas, support and dialogue. I am happy to be part of and want to offer support to those who have had to learn to live a "new normal" because of asthma.

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