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Asthma/Allergy Newby-Very Frustrated!

Hi, I’ve been on this forum for a while and it has been very helpful. The responses have been very thoughtful and patient. My allergy/asthma journey frustration is the randomness and severity of my symptoms. Sorry for the long post but I need help to understand why I am fine sometimes and crushed by symptoms other times.
Key points:
-I am a 58 year old male.
-I live near Pittsburgh Pa.
-I’m very active (biking, running, walking, golf, etc.)
-I was eventually diagnosed with asthma and sever allergies (mold, dust, rag wood were the worst) in May of 2020.
-I take Wixela 2x per day; Incruse; Montelukast; Pantoprozale all once per day.
-I get allergy shots once per week (since October 2020).
-I never have breathing issues when I have a ‘flare up’. My issue is that my lungs burn, and I basically lose energy quickly when working out. I literally had to lay on the side of the road just to muster the strength to get back home.
-This only happens when I work out. Last week, I had to stop after 3 miles (pre-asthma/allergy diagnosis, I could routinely ride 30-60 miles with no problem and, this time, I barely made it home).
-Post ‘workout’, I have severe coughing, wheezing, burning lungs and massive amounts of mucous (I am in day 5 of coughing and coughing up green mucous). I also cough and wheeze through the night for multiple nights.
My questions are as follows:
-Is my experience typical? I know the symptoms are different for everyone but I struggle with the randomness of my issues.
-Does anyone have advice/tips to eliminate or lessen the severity of the issues (pre or post onset)?
-Any guidance regarding tips or tricks to somehow figure what is causing my issues? (I use three different phone apps to tell me the allergy conditions outside)
-Any help with lessening my symptoms once I have them?

I know my situation is not as bad as some on this site (only working out triggers symptoms but it is very frustrating and I feel like I don’t ‘know enough’).

Thanks in advance!

  1. I was diagnosed with asthma back in January of 2021 at 56. (My mom got it when she was 46.) So mine is genetic and not seemingly related to allergies. I am also from Pittsburgh (though I don’t live there anymore). The green mucus seems unusual ... phlegm associated with asthma is typically clear or white (that’s what I get). You might want to mention it to your pulmonologist (to rule underlying infection). My pulmo reminds me that everyone’s experience is different.

    1. I agree with otter 2154 green mucous is not normal for asthma. You need to see a doctor it sounds like maybe a sinus infection. I am taking Trelegy which was recently approved for asthma, has very similar components of what you are taking. Have you discussed with your doctor adding a biologic?

      1. Thank you for the replies!

        1. Hi, Jeff! Thanks for your question -- glad to hear that the site has been useful for you. You have certainly had a tough year navigating your new diagnosis. I am not an asthma educator and I can't give medical advice for your own safety, but I do have some basic thoughts.

          Asthma can present in different ways, and even though you mentioned you don't have breathing issues during a flare-up, the burning, coughing and wheezing are all classic asthma symptoms. I would echo what others have said, though -- green mucus is not typical, and can often signal an infection or other issue. You should get checked out as soon as you can, to get some answers and start feeling better.

          I also wonder if the type and dose of your medication is appropriate -- having severe fatigue, burning etc can be signs of poor asthma control. Do you take anything before, during or after you exercise? Exercise is still important for people with asthma, and it can be done safely with the right treatment plan in place.

          Please keep us posted on what you learn and keep asking questions -- we are happy to help and support you. -Melissa, team

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