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Asthma Blues

I never related to having a severe itch with asthma. The last two weeks l have had a severe itch. At the moment I have a bad dose of the flu virus. I am on my second dose of antibiotics and steroids but it's not easing things at the moment. During the weekend I felt so ill and frustrated with it all. I ended up having a panic attack on top of everything else.
I went back to the doctor today. I took a sputum test with me and should get the results quite quickly. I feel as though I am at my lowest right now. The only thing that has helped is warm drinks of honey and lemon.

  1. Hi Beryl, and thanks for sharing this with the community. You are definitely not alone in this regard!
    You may be aware, others in the community have expressed similar concerns, when it comes to asthma, this unusual itch, as well as other atypical symptoms. In fact, we have a wealth of information (much of it authored by my colleague, ), which focuses on this topic.
    For your convenience, here is a link to several of the articles: Please be sure to look over the comment beneath each of the articles, if you have a chance. Many within the community have also spoken about their experiences, too!
    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

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