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Asthma or What?

I've had asthma since I was six. I am now 34. Last year in September I got mild COVID with only a cold and loss of smell and taste as symptoms. I was quarantined for 14 days. Everything was just okay, until I moved out of quarantine. Just walking around made me in need of a deep breath but I was not able to. I have medication but it's not working. Can somebody help me? Somebody, who has the same problem as mine?

  1. Hi Dennber, and thanks for your post. You may be aware we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for your own safety), but your concern certainly warrants a response.
    For you to have a better understanding of what exactly is happening now, (shortness of breath, ineffective medication), you will want to bring your concerns to the attention of your private physician.
    For some folks, the after effects of COVID can manifest with a variety of different types of symptoms, some short term, some longer term, and others which may be unique to each individual. Since you have a long history of asthma, I think your physician will be the best medical professional to guide you through this.
    What do you think?
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Thanks for the response. I already talk about this with my pulmonologist, got x-ray, chest ct scan, even 2d echo but the results were normal. said i just need to continue my asthma inhaler but shortness of breath wont go away. Some day my cheat is too tight a feel like im having a heart attack but here i am still alive 😅

      1. Hi again, Dennber - it's our pleasure. Since the diagnostic studies (x-ray, chest ct scan, echocardiagram), were all normal, following the doctor's recommendations seems to be the way to proceed.
        If you can remain patient, and wait for the inhaler to take more effect, you should get past this. However, i

      2. Hi again, Dennber - I see my comment from 3 days ago, somehow trailed off and was not completed.
        What I wanted to say was:
        If you can remain patient, and wait for the inhaler to take more effect, you should get past this. However, if the chest tightness continues and even worsens, you should reach out for your doctor at that point. The doctor could then evaluate if there is a cardiac component to your present medical situation.
        How are you feeling now?
        Leon (site moderator

    2. So sorry to hear you are having this problem . Ever since contracting covid I too have had this problem, especially when I lie down to rest. I had an Rx corticosteroid inhaler added to my regimen of rescue inhaler and other meds by my immunoallergist. He states the inflammation should settle after about a year from first getting covid, slowly improving. Can you speak with your doctor about better treatment for your lung irritation. As stated, we do not advise, recommend, or treat people in this community. We can only encourage you to return to your doctor for help. We are here to support you in this. Rebecca (team member)

      1. Prednisone 16 mg was given to me a few months ago, my problem was gone for a month and i stop using inhaler for a month. My bad. I should have continue the inhaler. Now every second of my day, i have this feeling

        1. that's a lot going on for you with asthma too! Have you tried using a spacer with your inhaler?
          I noticed over the last few days my asthma is starting to get under control again. The weather here has returned to normal - rain! It's still warm and humid bit that is the norm for UK.
          I'm pretty certain that taking Montelukast is really helping.
          My inhaler usage is right down again, maybe 3 times a day if that.

          When are you coming to UK?

        2. I just returned from the UK (Scotland) and had a WONDERFUL time there, albiet under solemn and sorrowful circumstances. The weather was rainy but sunny for a few days. I didn't really have a hard time with my asthma while there but did bring my rescue and daily meds to help should I need them urgently. I do have a lot going on with my health, but I keep up with healthy meals, meds, and exercise and I manage fairly well. When I lax on one or another, I start to notice my breathing isn't so good or my inflammation has increased -- I have to be vigilant in my health routine, then I manage to get on well enough. I do not use a spacer but have been switched from Flovent to a new med just yday - I hope it works. Glad to hear montelukast is helping, I've been on it for years, and your inhaler usage is coming down. We do what we need to do when necessary.

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