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Asthma post-covid vaccine

Just a heads up:
Everyone in my house came down with bacterial pneumonia and of course it triggered my asthma. I have been hospitalized and home 2 weeks. My pulmonolgist warned me this attack would be particularly hard because I have been living isolated in a bubble, not subjecting myself to bugs in the environment to build up my immune system. I didn't get covid and have been vaccinated, still wearing a mask. I thought I was still being proactive, but had started going out some. Someone visiting had it, so don't let your guard down after a yr of being careful. This has been an extremely hard attack where my oxygen dropped to 83% all of a sudden going to restroom. Ambulance called, hospitalized. It has been dangerous at times. We all had to have 2 different antibiotics, I am on week 2 of steroids and still on 4L/oxygen min., spending about 12-15 hrs out of each
24 hr period on cpap to give my body time to heal. I am posting this because I had been doing well with my asthma through covid and felt I was doing all the right things. I forgot my body wasn't use to being around people. Build your immune system back up before jumping back into life.

  1. Hi debrgubb, and thanks so much for posting this 'heads up' alert. I remember seeing this yesterday (on our asthma Facebook platform), and suggesting you post it here, if you so desired.
    We're appreciative of you sharing the information here.
    Wishing you well,
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Oh wow, Deb, so sorry you are going through this! Please take good care of yourself and get well soon, but don't overdo it. How are the other members of your family doing? I hope you'll keep us posted -- this website is a smaller group than our Facebook page, and we enjoy getting to know and keep in contact with our members, Best wishes! -Melissa, team

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