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Asthma Related Itching

I am a girl around 45 years old from south India. I was diagnosed with asthma five years back. In addition to that, I am too sensitive to almost everything that smells good or bad around me, resulting in itching, especially on my forehands. Finally, I had developed a kind of wrinkled skin that seems to be around the age group of the 70s, irrespective of my applying lotions and moisturizers. I have recently started to practice breathing exercises which are beneficial for my lungs and that's amazing too. My hives or eczema are not bothering me much other than dryness. So if people are facing similar issues like me they might do well with Pranayama Practices. I am no longer visiting my pulmonologists nowadays. Get well soon, dear readers.

  1. - thank you for sharing your experience with us here in the community. Have you seen anyone relating to your skin, allergies, and asthma? Such as an immuno-allergist or dermatologist to assess your issues? Hoping you set aside time to deal with these issues and not put them to the side as nonurgent, and manage them a little better as you say they are not "bothering" you as much other than "dryness".

    So glad to hear the breathing exercises are helping your asthma - it can do wonders for the mind as well as your lungs, calming your thoughts and relaxing muscles. Thank you for mentioning your method of controlling breathing and symptoms of asthma. Hoping you do continue to see your pulmonologist at least yearly for checkups.

    And thank you for your kinds words to those in the community. Wishing you well as you pass through monsoon and head into the winter season. Best of health always ~ Rebecca (CCM & Advc)

    1. Hi there! Are you taking any medications for your asthma or skin condition at this time? Some medications can cause thinning and wrinkling of the skin over time, so that may be a factor as well. I'm also curious to know if you are doing anything to help avoid your sensitivity to smells -- they can be so hard to avoid these days. Keep taking good care of yourself and know that we are here for you if you need anything! -Melissa, team

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