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Asthma Review

I'd posted earlier in the week and said I'd put the outcome up.
First review in 4 years, due to Covid lockdowns in UK. The nurse was great, I had just under 30 minutes with her. She thoroughly checked me and took bloods.
As I knew, my chest was clear and no wheezing. I've been keeping an asthma diary recently so was able to recall how having this flare-up has affected me, what makes it worse and better and also possible triggers.
We talked about changing my inhaler but decided against that as it works well for me. She has prescribed Montelukast which I've had previously but kept forgetting to take 🙄 I'm my own worst enemy!
I've also been referred for a spirometry test. We'll see how I get on with the tablets and go from there.
Also, by my own admission I need to lose 3st. I lost this amount several years ago but it's crept back on, as it does!
Being 3st lighter would also improve many of the other health issues I have too - GERD, overactive bladder syndrome (OAB), joint pains.
I love my food but have to cut down and be sensible. Something that doesn't come easy to me!
Thanks, as always for all the support I get from this site x

  1. Hi - thanks for giving us an update! I'm so glad to hear your review went well, it sounds like you have a great medical team on your side and clear action items to help your overall wellbeing. I love that you're keeping an asthma diary as well. This is such a great way to track how you're doing and keep a record that you can reference when speaking with your doctor. I hope your spirometry test goes well - please keep us posted! -Alexa ( moderator)

    1. unfortunately no idea of how long. Just grateful to be on the list! Post covid health care globally has taken a battering, in the UK we are very lucky to have the NHS, yes we pay for it via employment taxes but this is a tiny amount compared with private health care. And people do have the choice to go private! I get tired of hearing people moan about our health service.

    2. I hear you! I do hope you are able to get your test done soon, please keep us posted on how it goes. -Alexa ( moderator)

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