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Book entitled Breath, by James Nestor

I wanted to mention this book because it offers some very simple and easy ways to learn how to breathe more efficiently. I would check with my physician first, just to make sure that you can't harm yourself, but some of these exercises have really helped me when I'm exercising or trying to relieve anxiety. James Nestor is a very good writer and makes the subject interesting.

  1. Hi cupajo - thanks for posting this, as you said you planned to do.
    We always appreciate folks (like you!), sharing what works so well for them in managing this disease.
    It is always possible that one of the shared ideas here in the community, will resonate just so with another member who will then develop an idea for themselves.
    I hope that is the case with this book!
    Leon (site moderator

    1. Good to see you were able to post this, ! Thanks for the review. And now that you know how to start a new topic in the forums, you can always use this area to ask new questions or share anything asthma-related with the community. 😀 See you around! -Melissa, team

      1. Thanks to both Melissa and Leon for helping me understand how to post on this site.

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