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Child with asthma

Hi! I’m new here but interested to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. My 5 year old has asthma, on daily inhalers and singular. He’s a thumb sucker and always has been, but as I’ve been weaning his Inhaler I notice he is constantly sucking his thumb, especially with physical activity. Anyone else ever have this?

  1. Hi Janelle! Welcome. 😀 Hopefully we can be a helpful resource for you. I am not an asthma expert, so all I can really offer you is speculation, but thumb sucking and asthma aren't connected as far as I'm aware. Suckling is an instinctual reflex all newborns have, and some kids continue with thumb sucking as they get older because it's a source of comfort. I am curious to see if one of our asthma educators, has input on this, as she has several children and has written about her experience as an asthma parent quite a bit.

    One thing I want to check on, though -- have you been advised to wean the inhaler by his doctor? It's always important to take steps like that with the approval and supervision of his healthcare team.

    Looking forward to seeing you around! -Melissa, moderator

    1. Hi. jenelle. I see you received a great response from Melissa above. And, while she is not an asthma experts, she offered a response to explain the thumb sucking that is way better than anything I would have offered. And I would second what she said about thumb sucking not being related to asthma. At least I have not heard anything about links between it and asthma. That said, I did have a daughter with asthma who sucked her thumb (or a pacifier) for a long, long time. At the time I had never thought there might be a link -- but who knows. Maybe, as Melissa noted, there are others in the community who have more knowledge on this topic. John. Community Moderator.

      1. You're too kind! I just happen to have several young moms in my life right now, which means I hear a LOT about babies and child development. Haha. It looks like my attempt to tag didn't work before. I'm curious about her thoughts from a mother's perspective. -Melissa, team

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