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Cough variant asthma

I find that many times my asthma is triggered by chemicals.
New clothing, new furniture, rugs, etc. are all potential triggers for me, but lesser so than in years past. I think the manufacturers are cutting back on their use of chemical treatments for softgoods.
I can feel that I've been exposed - I get an itchy tickle in my lungs, and my coughs sound high pitched, almost squeaky.
I know I should use my levalbuterol at this point, but I usually put it off because it makes me shake so badly. Albuterol is even worse.
Any tips for dealing with the shakes?

  1. Hi there, thanks for taking the time to pose your question here. Shaking or feeling jittery after taking albuterol not an uncommon side effect. Out of curiousity, how long does the feeling last? I'm linking an article that we have that discusses this shaking sensation. Let us know what you think. -Lauren (team member)

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