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I was diagnosed with Asthma about 10 years ago. Two years ago I was told I had a Flu A, Not COVID. I felt terrible for months.
I apparently went right into Bronchitis from the Flu. It took two rounds of steroids and two rounds of antibiotics to get rid of the infection. Since that episode, I have a chronic, miserable cough. I sound like I am a two pack a day smoker!. By the way, I have never smoked. I sure inhaled a lot of second had smoke as a child and young adult. My Pulmonologist thinks it is caused by the GERDS (Gastroesopaheal Reflux Disease) plus, air pollutiion and other chemicals, which include, hairsprays, perfumes etc... I have had multiple tests to rule out allergies. I live in a very humid state where someone is always mowing. Do I need to move?
I have been on serveral different type of inhalers, Dulara, and also inhalers for COPD. (I have not been diagnosed with COPD) only Asthma. I also take Singular and also meds to manage my GERDS.
I also use a CPap machine. I am 70 years old and, according to my Primary Care, a normal weight.
Any words of wisdom on how to get rid of this chronic cough?

  1. - it sounds utterly frustrating. Having a chronic cough can be aggravating. I am glad to hear you've gotten better from the Flu and managing GERD symptoms. But sorry you are dealing with a cough that won't go away. Having environmental allergies alongside the cough can make it challenging to manage. With persistence and the right care, it's possible to manage it more effectively. I hope others leave messages here that you find helpful.

    Some have found lifestyle adjustments and/or alternative therapy helpful. Others have relied upon medication to ease the cough. Here is a link to an article that may have some helpful information. Don't forget to read the community responses at the bottom.

    Sending healing and well-being your way. Rebecca (team member)

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