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My Daughter's Flare Ups

Hi, I'm new here, I was wondering if anyone else who has children with asthma is experiencing the same with their child, my daughter is 15yrs old, and recently since March and the beginning of this Pandemic she has had 6 flareup's of her asthma and had to be hospitalised every time, her last time being only 11 days ago, she was diagnosed with brittle asthma, everytime we've been to hospital its always been nebulisers initially then down to multidosing along with Prednisolone, she is beginning to struggle tonight again and I know if I hold off till morning and she is still the same, then I'm going to have to get her to a&e again, the thought of taking her back to hospital is filling me with dread, I feel that the doctors and nurses are getting annoyed with seeing my daughter so often and feel they think she is somehow making herself ill, but I know she is NOT, they don't see her when she's well at home, I just wish they would carry out some different kind of tests or something, anything really just to get to the bottom of what's causing so many flare ups, the doctors even suggested she sees CAMHS!, suggesting that she gets anxious and worried about her asthma but my daughter copes with her health extremely well, she's fantastic at taking all of her medications and notes everything down does her peak flow morning and night, I forgot to mention her "normal" peak flow is 400/450, but during the flare ups it's 180/210, tonight it was 200, the odd thing is, her sats are always 100% but her peak flow is really low, and when doctors listen to her chest they say its "quiet" or has "poor" air entry, I'm lying in bed tonight and dreading facing the doctors again but if she struggling I need to get her help, I really should be taking her tonight but want to hold off, please someone can you advise me what to do, I'm so stressed out and worried about her, sorry for the long first post.

  1. Hi. MC67. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience taking care of your asthmatic daughter. She is very fortunate to have a mother like you. I would think that the drop in peak flows is a good indicator that your daughter definitely is having asthma, and that should be all the evidence a nurse or doctor would need to confirm that it is asthma and not just anxiety. Although, it can certainly be normal to also have anxiety when you can't breathe -- making it worse may be the medicines used to treat asthma. I have experienced this myself. Have your daughters doctors said they are getting annoyed? I ask as that would never happen where I work. If you have asthma we encourage you to come in, and we will always make you feel like you did the right thing by coming in. And, yes, I also have a daughter with asthma, although hers is controlled for the time being thankfully. If you are worried about your daughter, I would highly recommend you take her to see her doctor or the ER. What do you think? John. community moderator.

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