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Does anyone use elderberry syrup?

I have read so many good things about elderberry syrup for immune health and also for asthma. But I also read it can interfere with corticosteroids. I asked the pharmacist if this applies to inhaled steroids like Flovent and she didn’t think so since it isn’t systemic. Anyone have any info on if elderberry syrup helps asthma? Thanks!!

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  1. Nope. I get a flu shot and wash my hands frequently. Worked great last year and kept me flu free.

    1. Hi mama3 - Great question! I know of quite a few people that use it to supplement their flu shot as a method for trying to avoid getting sick. My husbands grandmother made elderberry tea many years ago for the same purpose. It should never replace medications when needed, but it may help support your immune system.
      Regards, Lyn (site moderator)

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