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First Time going to Pulmonologist

I've had asthma through childhood, but was not diagnosed until I was 15, so my asthma seems to be moderate but uncontrolled. I'm 19 now and this season my symptoms have worsened, so I went to the doctor and they referred me to a pulmonologist and I got a chest x-ray today. They also prescribed 3 days of prednisone and Singulair to take at night along with my Flovent HFA and ProAir rescue inhaler. I'm quite new to this and am learning to accept and understand my own asthma. I was just wondering what to expect when I go to the pulmonologist, and if anyone wanted to share any experiences/what to expect when going. Thank you! <3

  1. Hi. . Thank you for sharing your asthma experience with us. I do believe you have come to the right place, as there are many fellow asthmatics here (including myself) who know exactly what you are going through. It also sounds like you are making some good steps toward getting your asthma under control. As you can see here, ( finding a good asthma doctor is a good step to gaining better control of your asthma. We also have a variety of articles on this topic by our various contributors, and you can check them out here ( That said, during your first visit, most pulmonologists will ask you questions about your asthma and the medicines you are currently using to treat it, and he/she may have ideas to help you feel better. He/she may also order some tests. I think the most common test ordered by pulmonologists is a PFT ( Have you ever had that done before? John. community moderator.

    1. Oh wow, thank you! I have not done any tests for my asthma. I was just prescribed with a few inhalers after diagnosis, and this is only my second experience on prednisone and I am waiting for any side effects. I was never really tested for my asthma, I was only given those inhalers and treated for one severe asthma attack. This sounds very interesting, thank you!

      1. Hi again, Thyme - you are certainly in the right place. Here in our online community,, we will provide whatever assistance we can for you as you make this journey with the disease. As you said, seeing a specialist is exciting! To think that with the proper assessment and treatment, you may be able to exert more control over you asthma symptoms is something to really look forward to.
        I will wish you 'good luck!' and ask that you please keep us apprised of your progress and, how all this works out for you.
        Leon (site moderator

      2. Thinking of you! I hope you like the specialist and learn more about yourself. Let us know. 😀 -Melissa, team

    2. Ok. I went there on Wednesday and because I was new, I mostly filled them in with my medical history, and they noticed I had a pretty late diagnosis. Since I usually struggle with keeping my airways open, they did order a nebulizer for me which I got yesterday and I am getting the medicine for it soon. Next time I see them a couple weeks from now, we will start a lung function test and afterwards they may or may not change up my treatment depending on how they end up functioning. Thank you for listening to me. <3

      1. Hi Thyme, and thanks for the update. You must feel good now that you've seen the specialist. It sounds like you are on your way to a thorough assessment and proper evaluation.
        I am glad to hear you've gotten this started for yourself.
        Kindly continue to keep us posted as you begin the nebulizer treatments at home. And of course, I will again wish you 'good luck!' for the upcoming pulmonary function test (PFT).
        We're always happy to provide a friendly, listening ear.
        Warm regards,
        Leon (site moderator

      2. Glad to hear it went well. You're on your way now! I hope the time until your next appointment passes quickly for you -- I know that I can struggle with impatience and having to take things one visit at a time. It's like "come on, let's go already, I want to feel better!" I bet the nebulizer will be helpful. Enjoy your week! -Melissa, team

    3. Alright. I took this nebulizer after an asthma attack just now and it is helping me breathe better. As I was holding the nebulizer and after I finished the dose of albuterol sulfate, my hands temporarily went numb and tingling for a few minutes. Does this normally happen to you? Thank you so much!
      - Thyme

      1. Hi Thyme, and thanks for providing this update to the community on the use of the new medication nebulizer therapy. First, I am glad to hear this therapy provided you with some relief and you were able to breathe easier.
        Next, as you may be aware, (these) medications can be accompanied by side effects. For some folks, no side effects are experienced. Still, for other, the side effects may be present. It sounds l like your description (numbness and tingling hands), could be a side effect of using albuterol. Did this last long? If this continues with each treatment, you may want to mention it to your physician. What do you think?
        Leon (site moderator

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