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I had an attack on Christmas Day, I have been hoarsed ever since, what can I do to clear that up.

  1. Hi there and thank you for taking the time to join our community, as I see you are a new member as of this morning. is a wonderful community of people who are caring and understand what you are feeling and dealing with related to asthma. We are glad that you are here with us.

    Are you able to provide any further information about the asthma attack you had on Christmas Day? Were you able to see a doctor after the asthma attack or more recently to discuss your symptoms? Just curious. -Lauren (Team member)

    1. I sometimes suffer from hoarseness after a cold and/or an asthma flare that has gone on for a while. Doctors said that, in my case, it's the result of coughing, throat clearing and excess mucus irritating my vocal cords. I did voice therapy (prescribed by laryngologist) and learned some vocal exercises that help. Other things that help are steam and drinking lots of water or hot tea.

      1. Thanks for sharing your experience here with us. Do you continue to use the vocal exercises from time to time or only when you are suffering from hoarseness? I'm so glad to hear that your doctor was open to listening to your symptoms and finding you the help you deserve! All the best to you, Lauren (team member)

    2. I mostly use the vocal exercises when I start getting hoarse or my throat is starting to feel irritated. I also use some cough-stopping techniques and alternatives to throat clearing (drinking lots of water, swallowing). Yes, I have good doctors, but also, I’m proactive and persistent. It took a lot of visits to various specialists to get it figured out, but now that I know, I can handle it better myself.

      1. Hi scasewv53 - I have been following this conversation all along. I must tell you that I am very much impressed with your persistence and level of proactivity. Sometimes, one has to continually behave as their own best advocate. This will help to insure your are receiving the care that you need and deserve.
        Keep up the good work!
        Leon L (author/moderator

    3. I eat a cough drop or drink plenty of fluids.

      1. There's so much useful information here on this post. And yours, sucking on a cough drop and fluid intake, is certainly practical. I do the same but with ginger drops and a warm beverage. We appreciate you. Thoughtfully Rebecca (team member)

      2. Hi there, plenty of fluids are a great way to treat your hoarseness. How often do you find this happening to you? -Lauren (team member)

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