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I miss my life before asthma, how about you?

I don't know what it is... but like... I miss my life before asthma. I'd been doing so well with managing it and coping and all of that, but the truth is that I really do miss my life before I struggled with breathing and all of that. I don't really know if there's much else to say about that. I feel kinda stupid for being this way when it's not even that bad... but like, there was a time in my life where I could just breathe and not worry "oh will this cause an attack?" or... you know? Anyone else with late/adult onset asthma feel this way?

  1. Great question. Even though I have early/childhood onset asthma, I can hear what you are saying. I have spent my entire life admiring how others can go places breathing easy and not worrying about remembering their inhaler everywhere they go or, as you say, worrying about "will this cause me to develop asthma." This is the time of year I think of it most, as all my brothers and son will be going to hunting camp and their biggest question is: "Can I get off work." Lord knows it's not THAT easy when you have asthma. This is what I have dealt with all my life, though. I think it would be even harder if you live your life breathing easy and then all of a sudden develop asthma. Looking forward to what others with late/adult onset have to say to your question. John. community moderator

    1. do you even remember a time before your asthma?

    2. No I do not. I grew up with this thing. I have never experienced life without it. John. community moderator.

  2. I do. Adult onset asthma hit me like a freight train a year and 1/2 ago. It runs in my family and it took a severe respiratory infection to awaken (probably Covid). Though I am doing pretty well now and there is nothing I can’t do physically, it’s the mucus that challenges me. I’ll have a run where I feel great, then “wham” the mucus shows up and I am miserable (like yesterday). Then when I wake up today, it’s basically gone … go figure. I hang out on several other Lung Health community boards and it could be much worse; reading others’ stories about living with COPD, Bronchiectasis, and other serious idiopathic lung diseases brings perspective.

    1. 2013 was the year that I came in contact with mold while working. It was several months before it became serious. I had developed infection in both lungs and it took almost a year to heal, leaving my left lung a bit weak. Another year passed after this that I experienced my first asthma attack. A trigger to smoke caused it and then other triggers followed. Things begin to spiral downward and for awhile I lived in a pit, both mentally and physically. I love the great doors, working with flowers and nature walks, trips to the lake, beach and mountains, spending my time in all 4 seasons. It was like all of sudden all the things I like to do came to a halt. I do miss my life before asthma. But thankfully through my faith, and the support and knowledge I have gained through my doctors , family, friends and too the articles and post by the moderators, editors team and community members on, my perspective has changed. While some days/nights can be challenging, I can still enjoy the great outdoors, continue to work and spend time with my family and friends by being proactive.

      Keep looking up!
      Wishing good health and happiness.

      1. I suspect I had asthma since childhood but was only diagnosed recently. I certainly had episodes where I was short of breath, wheezing or coughing all my life and respiratory bugs hit me especially hard and it took me forever to get over them. That said, I managed very well, and hid how I felt for a long long time. I do miss life before inhalers. I just don’t enjoy that routine. I breathe well now and have few symptoms most of the time but I wish I could be inhaler free every single day.

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