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Insurance issues

Having insurance issues. I am one of those who cannot use the dry powdered inhalers without getting thrush. Found this out ages ago on the advair discus. My insurance refuses to pay for the advair HFA even though their dulera and symbicort both about killed me the symbicort was an instant no and the dulera only lasted a year even at that I had been super sick thinking I had reflux ect. The insurance has it in their heads their generic advair that is dry powder I should try doctor says no I say no. We are appealing. Are there resources as to my legal rights as I don’t think what they are doing is legal. Also sounds like they were trying to pull the please use the steroid only options of which if that worked I would not be on a dual controller. I am paying for the advair out of pocket to get myself back to stable.

  1. that is so unfortunate to hear that you've run into this challenge. Dealing with insurance can be the biggest pain! In this situation, you can speak with your doctor and see if they can reach out to your insurance on your behalf to advocate for you taking the proper medication. Additionally, you can check on Advair's website to see if they have a program for free or reduced-price medication. Many manufacturers will offer something like this for those who don't have insurance or have to pay out of pocket. Please let us know what you do! Fingers crossed you find a solution soon. -Ashlen, community moderator

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