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Laughing with asthma

That's been the bane of my existence!! I start laughing and not 30 seconds into it, I have to stop or else I will provoke a PVCD attack. I go from laughing to coughing up a lung as the saying goes.

  1. Hi again, , Happy New Year! We're glad to see you staying engaged with the community and this, of course, has been a popular topic here on There have been several community members who have shared similar experiences when it comes to laughing as a trigger for asthma symptoms. You are definitely not alone in that regard!
    I thought this article, by , might help to lend support to this topic of yours: Please be sure to take a look at the comments at the end of the material - there are nine of them!!
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    Leon L (author/moderator

    1. Hello - I can truly relate to this - laughing for me always causes an attack. My husband thinks he is a jokester, and is a self-proclaimed comedian. Most of the time he can deliver a passable joke. With him, just during normal conversation occasionally I react with an asthma attack. Though it's not a PVCD attack, which is different, I still quickly reach for medication. The Allergy and Asthma Center of Boston has a good article that explains the difference between the two -

      Keeping my rescue inhaler handy, I manage pretty well. How do you manage to stop the PVCD when already triggered? Have you been using a rescue inhaler or do you have combination therapy available to you - daily management with a rescue?

      I wanted to leave a link here to an article on the web that is insightful.

      Sending the best of 2024 your way! Rebecca (community moderator)

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