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My asthma. Help. Long post.

I didn't know mucus could be controlled.. been living with asthma and bad allergies my entire life, im 41.. been suffering a lot..

I've lived a very fit life. Cardio and a bodybuilder. Never felt the need to increase or change meds. Until older.

Diagnosed as a child used ventolin until 31. At that point I seemed to need more medication as going to the gym had become harder.

I lost 60 pounds of muscle from 32 to 38. I was only on ventolin mostly until my late 30s. I was just unable to get enough oxygen to push heavy weight. I just thought I was dying and nothing could help. My doctor was not very helpful. I finally was put on the following meds leading up to the past year.

I've been gaining muscle again! But I'm still not ok.

I'm having major phlegm build up in my chest.. I have good days and bad days. Sunny days and summer are horrible for me.

symbicort 4x a day momatasone montelukast, ventolin. Claritin.

I know the montelukast helps a bit with my phlem and oxygen intake. When heart rate increases my oxygen intake decreases exercise induced too so for me i really like this med.

Yet.. mucas build-up and flare ups happen often. From glue from work.. pollon...

Whenever i feel the worst I feel this pressure in my chest .. a tightness that peaks around noon and 1pm.

just ordered mucinx after reading this forum. I just ordered it and am very thankful to have found this place I can talk to and interact with others. I have felt so alone with this all my life.

Sometimes I hold my breath and expand my chest for relief...

Passed out twice hospitalized once.
Been very depressed in the past.

I guess my question is ... is the chest pressure phlegm? If im off my meds the amount of mucas that comes up is endless and upsets my stomach. If I'm on my meds the mucas is less but still I feel it building up constantly. And feel like its blocking my airways.

Does any of this make sense?

Thanks for reading I hope mucinx helps soo glad I'm not alone and I found you guys ❤

  1. Hi. Thank you for sharing your personal experience and thoughts with the community. Sorry you have had to experience all of this. Just want you to know that many in this community experience increased phlegm and chest pressure when they are experiencing asthma. -- so you are not alone in your experiences here. Sometimes it can be difficult to know exactly what is causing a particular symptom. Is it increased phlegm? Is it bronchospasms? Is it something else? That said, I think this would be a great question to pose to your asthma physician -- who knows you best. Your doctor may also have ideas to help you better control your asthma to prevent this symptom. What do you think? John. community moderator.

    1. Hi stormcloak and thank you for your post. I am just getting to this conversation now. I see my colleague, , has already provided an excellent response and suggestion as well.
      Although many folks with an asthma diagnosis seem to have similar symptoms, it is important to remember that asthma actually affects each person differently. That is what John's suggestion is so prudent, and is one a concur with.
      You may want to take this up with your physician.
      What do you think?
      Leon (site moderator

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