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My Asthma Journey

I was first diagnosed with Asthma when I was in my mid 30s (I am now 79 years old). It started with bronchitis, which wasn't improving after 2 or 3 weeks. One night, I couldn't control my breathing and my husband phoned the doctor (this was while we were still living in the UK and doctors still did house calls). When he came he prescribed prednisone... for one week. This was my first time taking that drug. It worked almost instantly. My bronchitis cleared up eventually and all was fine until about six months later.
I had taken an aspirin for a bad headache and within about half an hour of taking the aspirin, my breathing became so bad I collapsed and my husband phoned for an ambulance. Long story short, after this event and a few days in the hospital, a similar event happened twice more a few months apart. When my doctor sent me to a respirologist he diagnosed me with asthma, and also told me not to take aspirin as that can be a trigger for many people with asthma!
I have never taken Asprin since then. I use Ventolin as a rescue inhaler, and Advair inhaler for prevention. I have had several bouts of asthma attacks over the years, some so severe I ended up in the hospital for a few days, and on Prednisone.
Three years ago during the COVID pandemic, I had a severe attack which produced pain in my chest. My husband phoned for an ambulance and in the hospital, it was discovered that I had had a small heart attack and I also had fluid on my lungs! In the end I stayed in hospital for six weeks, had many tests, and ended up with three Stents. They were extremely cautious because of my Asthma, hence the long stay in hospital. I have been well since then and not experienced any asthma attacks (I am on a regime of medications for the heart as well as the Asthma)!
I am wondering if anyone else has experience of taking Aspirin while having Asthma and how it effects them?!

  1. What a journey you have been on with your asthma! I do hope that some of our community members are able to chime in and share their personal experience with aspirin and asthma. In the meantime, I'm linking an article from our website that discusses aspirin induced asthma. Let us know what you think! All the best, Lauren (team member)

    1. Wow - as Lauren states, What a journey you've had. I hope you've had the chance to look at the article she posted. Aspirin is a known trigger for a few in the community. And it can be scary. Here's an article that may also have some useful information. I do hope you've found respite from your asthma and that it is better controlled. How are you feeling this summer? Rebecca (team member)

      1. Hi Lauren and Rebecca, thank you for your reponses to my post. I have read both articles which pretty much summed up what my Doctor and Respiroligist have told me! I forgot to mention that I do have nasal Polyps.....and so have the 'Triad'! In the late 1980's I had surgery to remove the Polyps but of course they can grow back. They weren't as bad though, but because of that I have to use a Nasal Inhaler as well as my regular Asthma Inhalers. If I dont' use the Nasal Inhaler my nose gets really stuffed up which I think agravates my Asthma. Over the years I have learned how to live with these problems and the routines of using the inhalers have become second nature to me! I hope my story can give hope to those that are struggling with their Asthma. The down side is that because I can't take any non-steroidal anti inflammatories and only take Tylenol I don't get as much relief for any aches and pains from my Arthritis (which thankfully is not that bad most of the time). I have learned to accept that.

        1. I'm so glad that you took the time to share your experience. I know that you are not alone and other members of this community are dealing with similar situations. Have you had doctors that you could speak openly and honestly with during your asthma journey? I know that having a great doctor can make such a difference. All the best, Lauren (team member)

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