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Is there literature on non-respiratory inflammation to an acute asthma attack?

Are there scientific literature that indicates a relation between a non-respiratory inflammation (e.g., diverticulitis + kidney stone) to an acute asthma attack? A couple of days after a treatment with antibiotics and other medication was initiated for an infection (associated with diverticulitis) I was in intensive care unit to treat for an (unusual) asthma attack...

  1. Hi krug and thanks for your inquiry. If you want to do a search of the medical literature, you may want to do a 'Google' search by utilizing the key words from your question. I think you'll find there is published material in the medical community.
    I would suggest they may be a correlation (for you) between the 'nor-respiratory inflammation' you cited and an asthma attack. It could easily be caused by the stress associated with the comorbidities. It's best to discuss this with your physicians who are treating both conditions.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator)

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