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The first asthma attack I ever had was caused by smoke from a heat source next door. It is the main trigger that I have to avoid. Smoke of any kind has caused anxiety and fear to the point I began to detect the smell of smoke that wasn't really there. I was prescribed a nasal spray and also used a saline solution. This is when I was told about Phantosmia. For me... Phantom smoke. I still experience this every once in awhile. Has anyone experienced any smells due to triggers that aren't there?

  1. - yes, yes, yes. I have phantosmia. But I also get migraines and the smell of smoke can be an aura for me before a full-blown attack so it's hard to predict if a migraine is truly on the way. Sometimes I smell something burning, but then never get a migraine, or I inadvertently ward off the migraine with early treatment. Whichever it is, the smells can be horribly bothersome and irritate my head as well as my lungs. There are times smells can affect me so much anxiety rises and this triggers my asthma. I've learned to remain calm when a phantom smell happens, knowing it's temporary. Hoping you don't feel so alone in this situation. Rebecca (comm advc)

    1. Having migraines along with asthma is difficult to go through, I am sure. Like you, I too have learned to remain calm during phantom smells. I have plenty of attacks from smoke to know it only takes minutes to take effect. Thank you for sharing and for all that you do to help others.

      1. Yeah! I experienced this once or twice, I yelled at my Mom and asked her if she was smoking in the house

        1. I should probably add that this was before my asthma diagnosis and before I even knew I had this condition, this was like many years ago

      2. I can relate! I drove my family bonkers for sure.

        1. No, I totally understand that. I was literally allergic to my grandma's house. She wasn't the best cleaner, lol. But I still cared about her, and wanted to see her. At least in my case, she lived nearby so I didn't have to sleep there. Cherish the time you have with her! -Melissa, team

        2. I cherish the time I have with her a lot, we are like besties, and I love coming to visit her

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