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Prednisolone (Prednisone)

I have been taking a course of steroids over the last 2.5 weeks and am now weaning off them. Be finished by next Monday.

So far this is how they have made me feel:

Trouble processing thoughts, especially into actions, acne, palpitations, hyper energised mind, sweating, hot flushes, anxiety, panic attacks, crying - actual sobbing, not being able to explain what I mean, sleep disturbances, restlessness and now constipation....
All this just to breathe 😭😭😭
What are others' experiences please?

  1. this is such a good question, as everyone has different experiences with steroids and it helps to know you aren't alone. I take daily prednisone so I have some daily side effects but when my dosage is higher I definitely have the mood swings (still have them on my maintenance level too!), night sweats, hunger, skin rashes/acne, itching, terrible insomnia, restlessness for sure, and GI issues. I totally understand how frustrating it is to have to put up with all the other symptoms in order to breathe! I'm glad to hear you are able to get off your steroids soon though. Wishing you luck - and less side effects! -Corinne, moderator

    1. , thanks for your response. I don't envy you being on long term use, but understand why.
      I have a review with a health professional next week so hoping we can work something less invasive out to help.
      Best wishes

      1. Hi again, Seaspirit, and thanks for your reply. I will wish you 'good luck!' with your upcoming review/appointment. If you don't mind, please do check back and let us know how this all turned out for you.
        All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

      2. I couldn't agree more - long-term steroids are no fun, but they keep me from being in much worse shape. Good luck at your appointment! There are a lot less systemic/side-effect laden treatments that many people have success with, so hoping you find something that works well. Keep us posted! -Corinne, moderator

    2. Thank you for your replies.
      I am finding this site so helpful and friendly, that just being here and reading through stories and comments etc is helping enormously.
      I will update after seeing asthma nurse on Friday.

      1. It does help, Melissa! Thanks a lot for sharing this here. All the best,
        Leon (site moderator

      2. Hi , so sorry about that. Our team has been streamlining content and this article has been removed from the site. I wanted to share a link to a different article about this topic you might find helpful: All the best, Alexa ( moderator)

    3. No worries. It happens! Tks for looking into it!

      1. HI again, Bleu - I appreciate your understanding.
        Leon (site moderator

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