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Ragweed Pollen.. An Asthma Trigger?

What are your asthma symptoms like in the fall? Do you find yourself reacting to ragweed pollen in the fall? How do you manage these symptoms?

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  1. Fall always trigger my Asthma

    1. Same here. How about spring? This seems to be another tough season for us asthmatics. Wishing you all the best. John. community Moderator.

  2. yes

    1. Ragweed is a big trigger for many in the community. Sounds like you also have this trigger. Can you explain a little bit about how you manage it and overcome the symptoms? Rebecca (team member)

  3. It can, it's not consistent

    1. Hi there and thanks for sharing. Ragweed and fall allergies are definitely well-known triggers for asthma. Do you feel they are well controlled when you are suffering from them? Rebecca (team member)

  4. Yes definitely

    1. - the fall season including ragweed is definitely problematic for many with asthma and allergies. How do you manage during this time of year? If you care to, can you share what is your specific treatment plan? Rebecca (team member)

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