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Remembering Asthma Medications

What strategies do you use to remember to take your asthma medications?

  1. I use the Health app on my iPhone to track my medication. and set it at times. Also for my rescue inhaler, I use daily tasks on Google Calendar to remind me to have my albuterol with me when I go anywhere. i use what tech I am used to, and it helps me remember.

    1. I just got diagnosed yesterday so I’m still learning what my triggers are for attacks, but I consider my albuterol my backup weapon if I can’t breathe. So I always make sure to have it on hand! I’m pretty compliant with medication I have adhd so having phone reminders really helps me with that!

    2. We are glad to have you as a member of the community as you are newly diagnosed. I'm linking an article that you may find helpful that reviews common triggers and how to control or avoid them. Let us know what you thinks! -Lauren (team member)

  2. Health app on my phone

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thanks for sharing! Do you have your medications listed in the health app? -Lauren (team member)

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