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Has anyone used a service animal as an asthma notifier?

I'd love to hear about your experiences and if you felt it helped you.

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  1. Great question, Dana. Interestingly, we had a community member write about his experience with his "asthma notifier" dog a few days ago. I don't know if it was a service dog. Although, he said it would sit on his lap and alert him when it was time to take action. So, that was pretty neat I thought. Be neat to hear if others have similar experiences. John. Sitei Moderator.

    1. Hi John and Dana!
      I remember reading that post (on asthma Facebook) - I believe the member was saddened to say the dog passed away and it was much more difficult for him to manage the asthma without the dog. That was an emotional piece to read.
      Leon (site moderator)

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