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Traveling with asthma/Black mold in motel room

I have other physical issues and we reserved a room with a roll in shower. My husband was attending a celebration of life for 2 family members we lost over the winter. Because this trip was over 10 hours, I was unable to attend. I "smelled mold/mildew" in the bathroom. I had been sensitized to black mold several years ago. We found it in the shower. The next day I lifted the shower seat & it was covered with mold. My chest tightened whenever I had to go in there and then started wheezing. This was the only place, a higher mid level motel we could get in the area with a roll in shower. I complained, & was offered another room but I'm unable to move by myself. They offered to clean the room but I refused because I thought the cleaning chemicals would really set my asthma off. My chest was just getting tighter. Has anyone had this experience ? For the price we expected a clean room.

  1. I'm sorry this happened to you. It's hard enough to take a trip for sad reasons, you shouldn't have the aggravation of a dirty hotel room on top of that. Black mold is a serious health issue for all people. I would strongly encourage you to contact the hotel about your experience for the safety of others. -Melissa, team

    1. Wow! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Did you take pictures? I know it's too late for you but you might want to write a review and post pictures of the mold. Even if you don't have photos, just a the review would benefit others. I also agree with Melissa, you should contact the hotel or if it's a national chain, contact the support line and tell them what happened. I hope you didn't have any long lasting effects from it. - Lyn (Asthma site moderator)

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