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Why My Fish Tank

Guys, I’ve been having these breathing problems for a while and I have been using nasal rinse every morning. Still, I've been very stuffy and dizzy. At times my daughter is even having coughing problems. I might have asthma. I know my fish tank gets dirty sometimes and I have a guy that comes in with a 150 gallon tank of freshwater fishes. As much as I love them, I have to start thinking about my health. So I think I’m gonna give them away and see how we feel in this house. Hopefully better, fingers crossed! Thank you guys. My 150 gll Fresh water tank

  1. Hi, Fishy! Welcome. I'm sorry to hear how much you and your daughter are struggling. I agree, something is definitely up. I do have some questions for you.

    Why do you think it's the fish tank, as opposed to another issue in the environment like dust, mold or another allergen?

    Have you been tested for allergies, or spoken to your doctor (and your daughter's doctor) about this? If you think you might have asthma, I would encourage you to explore that. I would hate to see you give away your fish if that's not the root cause of your symptoms.

    Regardless of what you decide, please know that we are here to support you and provide information about asthma. Keep us posted, okay? All the best! -Melissa, team member

    1. Hi Fishy, I have 2 freshwater fish tanks. They're nowhere near 150g. One is 5g the other is 10g. I have found that the addition of moisture in the air from the tanks helpful. I could be wrong. I have mold allergies. The tanks produce algae not mold. Or maybe I am not sensitive to it. Don't get rid of your tank until you find out what allergy/ies are triggering you. You might have a nasal thing going on instead of just allergies. This will make a person cough and feel like they have asthma. There are multiple causes that can make the body respond like you describe of yourself and daughter.
      Good luck!

      1. - Hello there! Welcome to our site. I'd be so very sad if I had to give away my creatures. Can you wait to see if the fish tank is the issue? As Bleu mentions, many things could be causing you and your daughter's breathing issues.

        I, too, have questions - Have you been living in the same place or did you just move in? When did this begin? Have you been to an asthma/allergy specialist? If you have rugs, when did you last have them cleaned?

        I am also curious as to why you think your fish tank is the cause. Here's a link to an article about fish tanks. It may provide some answers. I also wanted to include a link to an article about triggers. Click this link for more information.

        You are on the right path - finding out what could be causing breathing issues. I hope that you pinpoint the culprit and find a way to keep your tank - fish tanks can be therapeutic and calming. But we understand it could be the trigger. Sending health and wellness your way. Rebecca (team member)

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