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Is anyone's asthma worse before menstrual period?

My asthma seems to get worse 4 or 5 days before my period. I can literally count the days on my calendar and know when I'll start having difficulty. Does anyone else experience this? Any tips? On one hand, I'm grateful it's predictable, but on the other it's a bit frustrating to know that I'm going to start feeling rotten and not really know what to do about it.

  1. Hi rjmoon,

    Oh yes - I have definitely experienced this as well. It's common. Asthma can be triggered by hormones, so your menstrual cycle can be a problem. Talking to your healthcare provider can help; they may be able to adjust your asthma medications a few days month to avoid symptoms, or look at other options to keep your hormones in check. Of course, the "usual" eating right, getting enough sleep, etc. may help, too. Please keep us posted on your progress!

    1. I do. This developed a year ago for me when my Asthma changed from mild to severe. I am now 42. Without fail my airwyas start to “tighten” around 6-7 days before my period and lasting to when it ends. So for at least 10 days of the month I am really flared up. I am hoping to find an GYN who has dealt with this. I started on Xolair in March and it has now started to help but not eliminate it. I was so bad at one point that 50mg of prednisone wasn’t enough and I was hospitalized all because of hormones!

      1. It’s actually called Pre-Mentral Asthma.

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