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Your rescue inhaler needs rescuing!

I just saw an elaborate post about one asthmatic’s plan for dealing with social problems—scented candles, for example.

THEN she says they alway make sure there’s a rescue inhaler IN THE GLOVE COMPARTMENT of the box.

What does that thing cost you—$50? $100? Why not just flush the money down the toilet?

Because the first warm (not even hot) day, that inhaler will be RUINED.

HEAT DEATROYS ALBUTEROL, the active ingredient. You might as well wave a magic wand over your head as use an inhaler that’s been overheated even once.

Haven’t you seen the horrible news stories about children or pets who die from heat in the car even though the weather wasn’t that hot!

That glove compartment gets just as hot.

And use a spacer.

I keep my inhaler and spacer (YES use a spacer) in a Fanny pack.


And don’t use it without a spacer.

  1. Hi Raku, and thanks for your post. You make an excellent point! The proper storage of metered dose inhalers (MDI's) are crucial for them to work properly when called upon. On the package insert and, frequently on the box itself, are recommendations for the proper storage of these types of medication. Generally speaking, there is a temperature range that the manufacturer advises for proper storage and then operation.
    We very much appreciate your feedback and your input.
    All the best,
    Leon (site moderator

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