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It's not "Just Asthma": Asthma and it's Impact on Quality of Life.

It's Not "Just Asthma": Asthma And Its Impact On Quality of Life

We conducted a large survey of people living with asthma where we
asked questions about their diagnosis, medications, and treatments, and how asthma impacts one’s quality of life. The survey revealed to us that asthma is not just about taking your inhaler and is a complex condition where major aspects of one’s life are impacted by it.

People don't take my asthma seriously

For many people, asthma symptoms can be ever-present. While some asthma symptoms can be invisible like fatigue and exhaustion from constantly trying to breathe easier, other symptoms like shortness of breath can be straight-up be scary. And so many of our community members have shared with us experiencing chronic cough which those who don't live with asthma mistake as the contagious kind of cough.

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shortness of breath, chronic cough, and fatigue are the top 3 frustrating asthma symptoms

Asthma symptoms are not only annoying but impact one’s day to day life too. Those living with asthma report that various aspects of their lives are impacted by it, including, but not limited to their physical and emotional well-being. Many people who don't live with asthma are unaware of the profound impact asthma can have on one's quality of life, including sleep.

Asthma symptoms impact physical and emotional well-being
Asthma impacts one's quality of life too

It is not only difficult to identify asthma triggers, but also very tough and sometimes simply impossible for people to change their living situation or environment to control the triggers that cause their symptoms to exacerbate.

Controlling asthma triggers is easier said than done
People with asthma have to deal with triggers like humidity, dry climate, pollution, and poor air quality

There is a common misconception among those who don't live with asthma that it is "easy to manage". People think one just has to "take the inhaler" and it's done. But managing control medications, rescue inhalers, avoiding triggers, dealing with asthma attacks and exacerbations, dealing with hospitalization due to asthma episodes, growing old with asthma and what that entails, are only some of the things that put a significant burden of disease management for those who live with this condition.

A life with asthma is not without the fears like cost of management, hospitalization, etc.

All in all, living with asthma impacts all aspects of one's life. Awareness about this aspect of asthma is key in order to fully support those who grapple with this diagnosis and management.

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