10 Benefits Of Good Asthma Control

In an earlier post, I gave "My Opinion Of Asthma Control." To me, it means being able to do most of the things you enjoy doing. It means being satisfied with your level of asthma control. It's been a long road getting to this point. But, I have achieved what I think is optimal asthma control. So, here are 10 benefits I enjoy thanks to obtaining good asthma control.

Benefits of obtaining control

  1. I Can Run. Rarely could I run as a kid. Now, I am able to run all I want. Sure, I run funny. But, I can do it. I run outside or inside, whatever I want. Sure, I have to pace myself to a certain extent. But, I can do it. And this, I think, is a major accomplishment.
  2.  I can hang out with pets. I’m allergic to cats and dogs. I am still not to the point I want to risk having animals in my own home. But, spent 4 days with my brother this past summer. He has dogs and cats, and he allows them to roam free in his home. I had zero allergy or asthma symptoms on any of these days. I even pet these animals without complications.
  3. I go camping. I love camping. But, for most of my life, camping did not like me. This includes hunting camp. There’s lots of asthma triggers in the woods. Some cabins and campers are moldy and musty. Plus, there’s lots of campfire smoke. But, today I am able to camp. I wrote last year about my new role as an everyday resident of hunting camp. I've even discussed experimenting with camping next summer with my kids. So, we'll see how that goes.
  4. Walking whenever I want . I love walking. I have never really had an issue with walking. But, when pollen counts are high, it can trigger allergies and asthma. So, most experts recommend walking when pollen counts are lower. So, this usually means walking later in the day. It also means monitoring pollen counts. Today, I don’t pay any attention to pollen counts. If I feel like going for a walk, I just go for a walk. Nice!
  5. Few missed days of work or school. I missed lots of days of school as a kid. There were times I missed entire weeks. After I got my job as an RT, I missed 2 weeks due to asthma. So, I was off to a bad start. But, soon thereafter my asthma was controlled. So, in the past 20 years, I have missed zero days of work due to asthma. Nice!
  6. I can spend time cleaning. I never had an issue with doing dishes. I can wash clothes too. But, as I approach closets, basements, and garages, the asthma strikes. This is mainly due to exposure to dust mites and mold spores.  So, back in the day, efforts to clean would strike the asthma hard. Today, if symptoms occur, they are mild and go away with rest. There's still some work to do here. But, I'm satisfied.
  7. I can do whatever hobbies I want. I love collecting baseball cards. I love collecting antique books. And those things collect dust mites. So, shuffling through old cards and books, asthma is the result. Back in the day, these symptoms were so bad I had to quit these hobbies. But, today, thanks to good asthma control, I'm back at it.
  8. Not wearing masks. Technically speaking, when I clean I should wear a mask. When I cut the grass I should wear a mask. And I used to do this. But, masks are ugly. They also make you feel claustrophobic. It’s also hot and stuffy under those masks. So, they are extremely annoying. Thanks to good asthma control this is one annoying recommendation I get to skip
  9. Strong smells don't bother me. I used to wheeze when I passed through the soap and laundry detergent aisle at grocery stores. I used to get short of breath when someone wearing strong perfume or cologne entered the room. This is no longer the case. These don't bother me anymore. Not even in the slightest.
  10. I can go outside in cold weather. Back in the day I'd have severe asthma when sledding. I'd often go up and down hills with my brothers. But, the asthma would strike hard and fast. I have nightmare memories of trudging back using my sled as a crutch. No longer is this the case. This is nice in that it allows me to go sledding with my kids.

What to make of this?

Well, that’s my top 10 list of benefits of good asthma control. What's on your list?

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