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Coughing My Way Into 2022!

Last updated: January 2022

As the winter spell continues, it is more important than ever, that I continue with all my health routines. Recently, I received my booster jab to ward off the new variant of covid that is making its way around the globe. The effects from the jab hit me like a truck, and I was in bed for a few days with covid symptoms. Although after taking a PCR test, it revealed that I did not actually have covid. I also feel that I had a cold on top of these symptoms. I had a stuffy nose and chesty cough. This took its toll on my asthma and since then, I have been quite tight and have a nagging cough.

Goals for 2022

I think if I can sail through the stormy months of January and February, I can see 2022 being a great year. These winter months are by no means easy periods to live through. I am yearning so much for the warmer weather. My skin and asthma both react better in the Springtime. I have certain goals I want to achieve this year:

  • I want to get a little fitter. It feels like we have all been inside for the last couple of years and, now finally, with the majority of the UK being jabbed, people are starting to get back to some normalcy.
  • I hope to move this year. I have already had the estate agents around to evaluate my property so I do mean business! My apartment is a little damp and although I have used humidifiers and ventilated the place as much as I can, there is still a problem there that could be a contributing factor both for my asthma and my eczema. If I am serious about getting myself better, these are the steps I must take.
  • Concentrating on my passions is a 'must' for me this year. So, making more electronic music, reading more books, writing and drawing, and socializing a bit more will help me focus on what is really important to me.
  • Also, from a medical point of view, I hope to reduce my steroid intake on a more permanent basis. If I am to achieve this, it will obviously be with guidance from my primary care provider.

Goodbye to 2021

So, now that 2021 is firmly in the rear-view mirror, I am looking forward to 2022. Even though I have coughed my way into the new year, I am determined to not let my conditions get the better of me. In the past, my health conditions have been extremely debilitating, but perhaps it does not have to be this way.

By taking control and re-evaluating what is important to me, I should be able to reach my goals but I must not worry if I don't. If I do not I can take just have another shot. As Ziad K. Abdelnour said, "Life is like a camera. Focus on what's important. Capture the good times. And if things don't work out, just take another shot."

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