An animated inhaler looks scared as it paddles in a tiny boat inside of a toilet

A Day in the Life of an Inhaler

Greetings, humans! I am your trusty inhaler, affectionately known in these parts as Al Buterol.

Though my owner, John, occasionally opts for the simpler moniker of "Inhaler” or “My Inhaler.”

John graciously gave me the golden key to enter his space here and share my extraordinary tale. He mentioned you might find it quite enjoyable – or perhaps even relate to the whimsical dance I am about to share in this post.

And now, I'm here to share the fascinating tale of a trusty inhaler, embarking on adventures with my asthmatic friend John. Let the inhaler chronicles begin!

It's a humble existence, residing in the depths of his pockets or the mysterious realms of his workbag pockets. But these are the locations he stuffs me, and I humbly wait for him to reach for me.

He used to use me a lot. Though now that his asthma is better controlled – thanks to the help of his other inhaler – I think her name is Symbii Court. But between you and me, it’s evident – I’m his favorite inhaler. It’s me he takes with him everywhere he goes.

Now, let me take you behind the scenes of my secret life.

What is my inhaler life like?

Just between you and me, he is very forgetful. Now that he does not need me as often, he tends to leave me in his pocket or workbag for days.

Sometimes, I worry he has forgotten about me and that I will not be there to help him when he needs me. For instance, once he got home and changed his clothes, he left me alone in a pocket in his laundry basket for days.

After a while, I hear him shuffling around frantically. I can tell he is looking for me because he calls out, “Where the heck is My Inhaler?”

It's during these moments that I wish I could comfort him, tell him I am just a pocket away, patiently awaiting his grasp. But alas, my inhaler heart is silent, and I can only watch as he experiences the rollercoaster of emotions that come with the quest for his beloved inhaler – me.

Eventually, he finds me. My tiny inhaler heart can sense his joy and excitement. His fingers excitedly grasp my canister. He shakes me and takes off my cap. And he holds me two finger lengths from his open mouth. He exhales and takes in a deep breath (as deep as he can, anyway) as he compresses my actuator. And he inhales the medicine I hold inside my canister.

And, while I have no eyes, I can sense his joy as his next breath comes in easily. It's a symphony of relief, a moment where the dance of breath and medicine intertwines to create harmony. In that instant, I am more than just an inhaler – I am the bearer of serenity, the magical dispenser of breath that turns the tides for my dear human.

John can be amusing!

I don’t think he will mind me sharing this. John can be a riot. I mean, I am his lifesaver. Inside my heart is the very medicine that can give him his breath back. He even affectionately refers to me as his best friend. Heck, he once told a friend that I am like his credit card of life, and he cannot leave home without me.

Despite my indispensability (as I noted earlier), he does tend to forget me quite a bit. One time (now, brace yourself for the humorous part), he left me in the bathroom. To add a twist to the tale, his then 2-year-old daughter decided to turn my lid into a makeshift bridge between the toilet lid and the bowl. Picture that – a tiny inhaler caught in the midst of potty-themed mischief.

A while later, John burst into the bathroom in his frantic search for me, only to exclaim, “Well, guess where I found My Inhaler!” He graciously honored me in a blog post, turning his forgetful moment into a lighthearted anecdote. So, in this way, it’s hard to be frustrated with him for forgetting me.

So that's a day in the life of an asthma inhaler

There, I am satisfied. It felt nice to tell my story, to share the whimsical journey of a trusty inhaler and its forgetful yet endearing owner, John. Perhaps I will pop back in here in the future to regale you with another tale from the inhaler chronicles. But for now, I relinquish this space, handing it back to John.

May your days be filled with easy breathing and lighthearted moments. Until next time, have an easy, breathing day.

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