A Dusty Move.

A Dusty Move

Ah, the joys of moving! (Note: that was written with sarcasm......)

Now I remember why it’s been 13 years since my last move. And where did all this stuff come from?! Granted, we’ve been married for a long time and are a family of 5, but still...

I started packing as soon as we put an offer in on a house. I thought I would have plenty of time and plenty of boxes. I was wrong.

I had boxes from a friend that had moved, boxes from shipments to my office, and I had two of my kids get boxes from their work. I had a feeling that some of these boxes have been around for a while. They were pretty dusty.

I was having a tough time packing due to dust. Dust is one of my worst asthma triggers. So, dusty boxes, and dusty areas of the house were a bad mix.

The Hubster and I are clean freaks, but I was surprised to find some areas of the house that I THOUGHT were clean but, they weren't. How did all that dust get behind the washer and dryer? And under the bookshelves? And on TOP of the bookshelves? The Hubster and I clean every day (with 5 of us in the house, we have to!) but we haven't had time for deep cleaning lately.

Being proactive against asthma triggers

I should have used a dust mask while I was packing boxes, but didn't have time to go to the store and get one. We literally ran out of time. Our house closed quicker than we thought, which moved up the date of when we had to be out of our house. So, after carefully packing most of the house, we ended up just grabbing trash bags and throwing things into the bags!

With all of the dusty areas, I was sneezing (and waiting for it to trigger an asthma attack.) So, I found that blowing my nose often and then showering at the end of the day really helped remove the dust. As did washing my hands - over and over and over.

For the really bad areas (behind the washer and dryer), I had the Hubster clean those. He has allergies, but not asthma. So, he may start sneezing, but it wouldn’t trigger an asthma attack for him.

Once we had the moving van packed, it was time to clean the rest of the house. I am so grateful for a group of friends, relatives, and co-workers who came to the rescue! They cleaned the house top to bottom for the new owners. None of them have allergies or asthma, so it didn't bother them as much.

They were also kind enough to bring a hot meal! Do I have great friends, or what?!  I remembered to save out some paper plates, utensils, and cups. So we had a nice lunch amid the chaos.

If you are moving soon, be careful of dusty boxes and dusty areas of your house. If you have time, get a dust mask. Better yet, if you have the budget (we didn't) you can hire a moving company!

And when friends, relatives, and coworkers ask if they can help, let them!

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