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A Trip to the Fair.

A Trip to the Fair

Later this summer, my aunt and I plan to go to the Minnesota State Fair-I decided about six months ago that I am probably going to spend $200 on food during this fair adventure. Hello, y’all have seen Carnival Eats, right? I haven’t been to a fair of (pretty much) any scale for more than 15 years, since the last time I went to the Red River Exhibition. I think I was 11. However, I’ll do just about anything fun if the opportunity presents itself-and present itself it did, by way of free entrance to the Red River Exhibition with a friend. After all, I knew we’d have fun, and I had to not be a total fair noob when I go to the State Fair in August, right? (By the way, here’s the difference between an exhibition and a fair, for anyone curious-like me.)

Being prepared…for fun

It was a blazing-to-this-Canadian day outside at 27*C (~81*F), but fortunately not humid so my lungs were pretty happy. I packed my trusty Tallygear hipster pack full of what I’d need for an afternoon/evening at the fair (that thing expands seriously forever). My inhaler was, of course, tucked in the bottom, with two small phone chargers (overkill!) and an iPhone cord, my super-thin wallet actually containing cash, a coin manager, and my keys-my phone actually fit in there too when the need arose.

I don’t have food allergies, but if you do, it’s worth looking into if you are allowed to bring in your own food or if they can make exceptions in advance. It turned out, that person I saw who had brought in a whole 2-litre bottle of soda was completely obeying the rules, as outside food was allowed in the park-who knew!

Take into account the time you will be out at the fair, too-remember to pack any extra meds you may need if your fun time will overlap your dosing time!

Staying hydrated while having fun

I managed to come home having only spent $28 but also sporting a sunburn-whoops. I wore a tank top to stay cooler, and that was maybe not the smartest! Please, unlike me, remember the sunscreen when you are not halfway to the bus you need to be on-I had a hat though! We wandered the fairgrounds and didn’t actually even go on any rides ($6 for less than 2 minutes on the swing ride? No thank you. And yes, we timed it). A nurse friend on Facebook reminded me to keep hydrated, which was a thing I did better at than usual, given the numerous opportunities for lemonade and snow cones (I got to watch my friend try his first snow cone. Now he wants to find more!).

Staying hydrated in the heat (and cold, for that matter) can also prevent your airways from getting too dry and becoming more irritated. So, apparently snow cones are an asthma win, too! Yet another “who knew”.

Enjoying my time at the fair

We may not have gone on any rides, but we still had a great time. Most fairgrounds should be smoke free, but you may want to learn about designated smoking or campfire areas in advance to avoid these. Similarly, off-gassing of fumes from rides or food vendors may trigger your asthma, but in open air outdoors most people should be okay.

We got in some good exercise (14,000+ steps!), enjoyed watching the dog show, and of course, trying ridiculous “carnival eats”…like deep fried Oreos. And while asthma was in the back of my mind, it stayed in the back of my mind-where I like it to stay when I’m having fun.

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