Accidental Medicine Stockpile!

A few days to a week out of any trips, I take inventory of the medicine I have on hand to figure out what I need to get from the pharmacy before I travel. I take the current group of inhalers I’m using, enough of my pills for a few days extra, an extra set of all my medications, and some “just in case” prescription meds—specifically nebules and prednisone, just to cover my bases—I’ve had to start prednisone on a trip to California for a severe exacerbation once before, and while I didn’t want to, I was very, very happy that I had a burst of steroids on hand, along with my nebulizer.

Gathering my medicine stockpile

As I was gathering my laundry today, I started to throw a few things into my hiking backpack for the trip I’ll be leaving on in a week. I saw my doctor last week and have a new prescription for my meds, and figured I'd go do a medicine inventory to figure out just what I need to get filled. I forgot to get a new prescription for prednisone, but the bottle I have isn't quite as old as I thought, and I still have some non-expired nebules, so don’t have to worry about those.

Then I moved on to the daily medication. I knew I had some random inhalers floating around by my bed and in a Ziploc from the Fall in my medicine basket, but in addition to the inhalers I’m using, I have 2 rescue inhalers still in boxes, 1 Zenhale, 2 Qvars and 1 Atrovent still in boxes (that’s the one that was by my bed), and in the Ziploc bag, another Atrovent, a Turdoza, a Zenhale, and a nasal spray, as well as the prednisone.

Good to have some extra medicine

It’s always more convenient to have a stockpile of medicine—I’ve had a few times in the past where I’ve totally run inhalers dry, and had to wait even 12 hours to get a new one which can, depending on the medication, be pretty sucky. So the stockpile serves more good than just travel preparation. However, because I usually have less pressure to have to refill my medicines as soon as I run out due to the stockpile, sometimes I get a bit lazy in regard to actually refilling my meds! This is definitely NOT a good thing and a drawback to the stockpile system. I try to refill as soon as I start the last inhaler, if not sooner, but sometimes I just don’t want to be punching a thousand numbers into my phone at 1 AM when I’m just trying to go to bed! (And let’s be honest, those nights are ALWAYS the 3 AM bedtime nights where I’m starting a new inhaler before bed!)

Sure having all those inhalers floating around can be annoying at times, but of course, the time I actually check a full week ahead of time, with a full prescription in my possession, I’m basically totally good to go for medicine—guess my pre-travel chat with my favorite pharmacy technician will be an optional endeavor rather than a necessary one this trip!

I’m fortunate that my provincial health coverage allows me to get 3 months of medicine at one time—when I had insurance (several years ago now, thanks, Canada) I think this was similar.

Do you have a stockpile of asthma medicine on hand? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments.

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