Annoying Situations for Fragrance-Sensitive Sorts

Like a lot of people with asthma, I’m sensitive to fragrances (that whole thing actually came before my asthma, oddly). In this world, it’s pretty hard to get away with not being exposed to some sort of chemical fragrance somebody is wearing, or has escaped from their dryer vent (I mean, unless you don’t leave your house. Which is an activity I do partake in more frequently than most, probably.), or when out shopping.

Those are the expectedly weird fragrance-y sort of encounters, the ones I am used to encountering in my life.

Here are some unexpectedly weird ones:

  • Person lays their jacket on top of mine on a pile. My jacket—and then the rest of my clothes—then smell like that person’s perfume.
    And then it’s so bad that my jacket actually requires washing. Seriously?!
  • Being hugged by a person and their perfume transfers to my clothes/hair. HOW does that even happen? Answer: No idea.
  • I bought a scarf at a second-hand store once. It smelled like SweeTarts, which was mostly great except not for my lungs or headache-ness. Nothing else in the store, that I knew of, had this issue.
  • Today (the prompt of this list!) I was in the bus shelter at the mall just waiting for my bus like everybody else in there, and then some fragrance-y person came in.
    And of course then there went all the half decent air and I had to go stand outside in the rain. Nice.
  • Potpourri in a public bathroom.
    First, do people actually still use potpourri? (Apparently.)
    Second, why would you ever think “Yeah I’m just going to stock this public bathroom with its own potpourri bowl."
  • When my hotel room came with aromatherapy.
    It was in little bottles on the bed but they also must have sprayed some air freshener in there that did not go away for the three days I stayed there. It probably wasn’t even the aromatherapy that was bothering me but c’mon Crowne Plaza, at least warn me if you’re going to put an aromatherapy kit on my bed?
    Seriously, if people need aromatherapy, they can bring it along, a’ight? Just not when they’re sharing a room with me, please.
  • When the person 10 feet ahead of you is wearing cologne so strong you can taste it.
    Dude, what?
  • Dish soap. Really? Why do your dishes need to smell like lilacs? You’re just going to eat off of them.
  • The time a ten-year-old at work drowned himself in Axe.
    Who in their right mind lets a TEN YEAR OLD buy Axe?!
  • Going to an asthma conference and writing passive aggressive notes that you don’t actually give to the offending party.
    But come on, who wears fragrant products to an asthma conference? I expect it at other conferences but if you are at an asthma conference it means you a) have asthma b) know things about asthma or c) are a medical provider treating people with asthma. I mean there may be 1% of attendees at an asthma conference who have no actual reason to know why this is a bad idea.

Are you sensitive to fragrances? What are some of the weirdest fragrance-related situations you’ve found yourself in? Let me know in the comments.

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