Here’s some annoying things about having asthma.

Annoying Things About Having Asthma

When you have a chronic disease like asthma you learn to cope. It’s not like we sit around saying, “Oh, woah is me!” In fact, I addressed this once in my post, “How Asthma Benefits me.” Still, there are some things about this disease that can be quite annoying. Just for fun, I thought I would make an extemporaneous list of things that stink about asthma. So, here goes…

Why asthma is so annoying?

Just the fact that it can take your breath away and make you feel miserable. 

Having flare-ups when you have better things to do. These are just some obvious ones. But this is not what I meant to write about here. 

Here's some better ones.

The fact you have to take medicine every day to control it (and of course this can be a good thing too)

The fact you have to have your medicine available and take it every day exactly as prescribed. This can be kind of a drag sometimes.

When you drop your Advair behind the stove and can’t get to it.

When you know you have five albuterol inhalers, but you need one right now and can’t find any of them.

When you’re having a bad allergy attack and you can’t find the Benadryl.

When a friend picks you up to go out of town, and you get about 20 minutes away from home and realize you forgot your rescue inhaler.

When you go to the family cabin to have a few drinks, only to have an asthma attack in the middle of the night and not have any way to get home. That really stinks!

While normal people decide to go somewhere on a whim, they can just up and go. But you can’t do that. You have to prepare for trips, and make sure you have all your medicines packed, especially your rescue medicine. That stinks.

The fact that asthma medicine costs so dog gone much. The worse part about this is most asthma medicines were very affordable 20 years ago. The fact they went up so much in price in such a short period of time really stinks.

The fact this disease has been around for over -- well, since forever -- and yet researchers are only just now on the cutting edge of learning the ins and outs of our disease. (and, again, this can be a good thing too if we flip the coin here).

When you’re excited to visit a friend, only to realize you’re allergic to their house or their pets. Or, worse, something in their home is triggering your asthma.

Knowing that you have to avoid certain places or certain people’s homes because they trigger your asthma or allergies.

Making lifestyle changes to help you better manage your asthma that you don’t want to make, such as avoiding people’s homes, taking medicine every day, taking medicine with you wherever you go, etc.

When something in your own home is triggering your symptoms, and you don’t know what it is. Or, worse, you do know what it is and can’t remedy the problem because you don’t know how or simply can’t afford to make the necessary changes.

When you can’t do certain things because of your asthma and people think you’re just being lazy.

Having to explain to people over and over and over and over and over why you can’t do certain things, or why they can’t do certain things around you.

When you learn you passed on your asthma genes to your children.

I could go on, but I don’t think I need to. And keep in mind this list is from my perspective as an allergic asthmatic. I’m sure you folks have your own stories to tell. So, other than the obvious, and if you dare to take this path, what are some interesting things you’ve experienced about asthma -- things that are annoying, I mean.

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