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Still Chasing My Baseline (With Another New Foe)

Last updated: May 2023

Back in June, I wrote an article about chasing my baseline. I reported then that I was getting closer after months of setbacks. Well, once again, my body decided it wasn't ready for baseline living. I had COVID in May, as I had mentioned in the article. My newest comorbidity is something called Post COVID Organizing Pneumonia. It developed in late June and is unpleasant. It was a long recovery. In September I was scheduled for a follow-up CT to confirm that my lungs had recovered from the illness. However, I informed my doctor that I was beginning to feel that I was regressing and felt the condition was on the upswing again. I was right, the CT confirmed that the condition was “organizing” again in my lungs. The start of another long recovery.

The bright side

My doctor talked to me about changes to my medication regimen. We discussed various options. Not only was the Organizing Pneumonia an issue but because I had been sick so often over the past 9 months, my asthma was out of control. I had constant inflammation in my lungs, a constant, horrible cough, and a general feeling of being unwell. We settled on trying a biologic treatment, monthly monoclonal antibody injections. I scheduled my first dose and felt very hopeful that it would be the impetus that pushed me over the finish line and back to my baseline. I was taking medication for the pneumonia, starting to feel a bit better, and excitedly (and weirdly) looking forward to my first injection.

Ooops, just a little more dark side

Once again, not so fast sister. I started to feel a bit worse rather than better…then I could not taste or smell anything. I did a home COVID test and it was positive. I was floored. That meant that I had to postpone my injection. Darn!! Other than the doctor’s office, where everyone is masked, I had been nowhere because I was feeling so sick. Prior to getting sick again, in spite of the relaxed guidelines, I was still wearing a mask in public, avoiding large groups, and still doing curbside pick-up for my groceries. And I had the latest COVID booster. So I was truly shocked that I tested positive.

Moving on, finally, again

Anyway...I recovered after my course of the COVID antiviral treatment. I finally have my first and second doses of the biologic treatment under my belt. I am very hopeful that it is helping. I am starting to have some asthma symptoms again, but the good news...they are manageable and not spiraling out of control, my home toolbox is working. As for the pneumonia, well I’m hopeful on that front too. So far all of my annoying asthma issues and the comorbidities I have along with it, are behaving and seemingly under control.

Baseline, here I come

I’m back to my normal activity level. It is still extremely exhausting to behave normally but that’s the push I need to get me over the hump. I’m following all of the guidance from all of my doctors...keep moving. The more I exercise my body and good judgment, the better I will feel and I will be better able to handle any possible setbacks. So, I’m pushing ahead and planning to stay on the bright side!!

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