Asthma Hacks: Where Are They When You Need Them?

What asthma hacks would you want to see created to make your life as an asthma patient easier? Are you a subscriber to technology or quantified self-er.

Have you found an asthma hack?

What ways have you improved your understanding of your asthma or the management of it? Have you designed or developed a way of tracking your own data or made improvements to your management with the data you have collected?

I have tried a few things: apps to remind me of medication that needs to be taken, tracking things in excel, and even a brief stint tracking data on sticky notes. This process definitely was not high technology, but it did do the trick.

Longing for easier asthma management

I know that there was a time where I had difficulty sleeping from the constant need to clear mucus. I long dreamed of devices to make the clearing easy. I searched for a way to help make my bed more comfortable for my body while doing my mucus cleaning.

While my quest for this solution still evolves, I have also thought about more attainable goals, such as a device to clean my aero-chambers for me. I know that I can put them in the dishwasher, but a whole load to wash medical devices seems a bit wasteful. This is especially true since, in my house, it would take a whole week to fill our dishwasher.

I would love to see an individual device for cleaning, especially since the recommended cleaning requirements are weekly.1 I would definitely be more compliant on washing my devices if there was an easier and a more efficient way to clean them.

Effective asthma hacks would improve care compliance

There is data that non-compliance is prevalent in patients suffering from chronic diseases. This is especially prevalent in those that have fluctuating or absence of symptoms as may be seen in asthma patients. The data suggests that special efforts should be made to address non-compliance issues.2

What are the tasks that you dread when it comes to your care? Do you have any tips for others? I think I need to have an e-tracking device built into my rescue inhaler. Oftentimes these seem to find their ways into odd bags, random rooms, or in the most unusual spots.

I have found that having a few simple hacks can make living with asthma easier. One of the first things that I did was start keeping journals, not only of my symptoms, medications, timing, and doctors visits, but also tracking the good things. For example, I love having a way of documenting improvements in treatment or milestones. This provides me with a way of not only keeping track of data but also archiving it. I know that dust mite strategies are considered controversial, however, I think it works for me.

Share your asthma hacks!

I would love to hear your ideas. Share them in the comments below, or tell your asthma story here.

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