Asthma Ruins Holiday Decorations Again!

The office Halloween decorating contest was held again this year, and my coworkers pulled off another great feat!

Last year, we had a bat cave - complete with fake boulders and lots of creepy bats. This year was "The Great Pumpkin Patch with Charlie Brown" (with a mock up of snoopy sleeping on top of his little red dog house.)

Each day when I would enter the office, I would find something new. A kite, dog house, etc.

One day, I opened the door to our suite and was surprised to see hay and corn stalks. Makes sense, right? It was supposed to be a pumpkin patch. But the smell was REALLY strong.

I made a beeline back to my office but it didn't take long before I was feeling short of breath. So, out came the Albuterol inhaler.

Same thing happened the next day. More trouble breathing, and more Albuterol. Not wanting to ruin the holiday decorations, I didn't say anything and just avoided the front of the office. I wanted everyone to enjoy the decorations and was hopeful we would win a prize this year for best decorations. (We missed out last year, and everyone was pretty grumpy after all their hard work.)

But each morning, I walked in and it still smelled strong. I was hoping it would air out a little and not smell so much. I saw that the hay was being smashed all over the carpet and being tracked to other areas of our office. Imagine the surprise when the cleaning crew walked in! One of the guys stopped in his tracks. His mouth open in shock. Then he looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and told him we were just keeping the decorations up until Halloween. I told him not to worry about trying to vacuum up any of the hay. Today, I walked in to a messy, smelly office and thought, "It's after Halloween! Ha! Time for it all to come down!"

I found out that my coworkers want to leave up Snoopy's dog house and change the decorations for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I said okay, but the hay needs to go!

They all looked at me in surprise. I said, "Okay guys - here's what's going on. I have had asthma attacks every morning when I get to work and have to be around the hay. 3 days in a row." They were shocked.

Welcome to my world! Asthma ruins everything. I told them I didn't want to ruin the fun, so was trying to tough it out until Halloween was over. Luckily, they didn't bring the hay and corn stalks in until 2 days before Halloween. So, I only had to avoid the front of our office for 2 days.  But on the 3rd day, since it was after Halloween, it was going bye bye.

They were troopers. They rounded up a broom and vacuum and started cleaning. Once they realized how I was affected, they were worried about me and didn't want anything to drift into my office. So I closed my office door and turned on my fan to blow any of the allergens towards the hallway.

An hour later, I left my office and was surprised to see that all the hay was gone - every last tiny piece! Wow! My coworkers asked if they should take the hay stalks out too, but the front office seemed to smell much better with the hay gone.

We'll see how my cranky lungs feel when I go back to my office, but if I have another asthma attack, the cornstalks will have to go too.

Leave it to asthma to ruin holiday decorations again!

Anyone else have a fun time during Halloween with cornstalks and hay?

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