Asthma Swami: Predicting Our Asthma Future.

Asthma Swami: Predicting Our Asthma Future

What will it be like living with asthma in, say, 2027?  This was the first question I served up to the Asthma Swami when we met up recently in a secret location. He said, as he swirled his hands around his crystal ball: “I can see visions of what it will be like. Here, look into the ball. I see headlines...

RT Magazine. November 7, 2027

Researchers List All 120 Asthma Genes.

The results of a major genetic research initiative define 120 asthma genes. Each one, in some way, contributes to asthma.

Dr. Al Buterol at the Olin research center in Denver said, “This is a major breakthrough. Now that we know what specific genes cause asthma, we know where to focus our efforts.  How do they cause asthma? How can we prevent them from causing asthma? The quest to answer these and other questions may lead to better medicine. It may lead to better guidelines for controlling asthma. It may even lead to a cure."

Respiratory Care. December 8. 2027

Blood Test For Diagnosing Asthma. A Systematic Review.

Researchers at the University of Michigan reviewed over 100 studies. They studied a blood test called the Chronic Underlying Respiratory Biomarker Exposures (CURE).  It’s a test that identifies abnormal biomarkers made by asthma genes.

Dr. E. Z. Breather at the UofM Genetic Research Center said the test "will help doctors diagnose asthma. It will also help identify who is at risk of developing it. This is nice because now we have that one simple test for diagnosing our disease."

Thorax. March 16, 2028.

21 Asthma Phenotypes (subgroups) Identified.

Researchers in Philadelphia define 21 asthma subgroups based on the CURE test. "This is key," said Dr. E.Z. Breather. "A simple lab test can diagnose what phenotype you have. This can help researchers fine-tune asthma guidelines for each phenotype. This should lead to better asthma control for all asthmatics."

Dr. Lou Wheezy, head researcher for the project, went a step further. He said, "This will work great for asthma doctors and patients alike. Heck, it will even benefit insurance companies and Medicare. It means that gone are the day's doctors will have to guess what subgroup a patient has. And gone are the days of putting patients through expensive tests to get a proper diagnosis. All it now involves is a simple inexpensive blood test.”

Chest. May 18, 2027

Preventive Medicine (Editorial).

The editors report on a new test that is being studied at the University of Michigan. The test will identify which newborns are at risk of developing asthma. Early studies show promising results. Good news for our children with asthma genes.

Allergy. April 21, 2028

Researchers Learn How To Prevent Asthma.

It is true there is no cure for asthma. But, researchers now think they can prevent asthma. First, they identify which newborns have asthma genes. Then they inject them with a protein found in a new plant species discovered in Latin American rain forests.  

I wanted to read more. But, the Swami swirled his hands around the ball and all these visions disappeared. He said, “And so, this is what comes to me. This is what is going to be. Dates might be off. But my predictions always come true”

And the Swami disappeared in a puff of smoke.

There have been lots of advancements in genetic research lately. So, the Swami’s prediction of a cure is not out of the realm of possibility. What do you think?

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