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Is it Asthma or Just Normal?

Is “X” condition/symptom due to asthma? Or is it just normal?

Sometimes it’s hard to know what causes a symptom. It’s hard to know what causes a certain condition. Is it caused by your asthma? Or, is it just normal for you? Is it just hereditary? Here’s what I think.

Are these side effects of asthma?


I have tremors. My hands shake. Sometimes it’s mild. Sometimes it’s not mild. Sometimes I pick up a plate of food and my hand is shaking so bad I can’t hold the plate. I have to use my other hand to support the first hand to keep the plate stable and prevent food from falling onto the floor.

Usually, if it’s severe, it’s due to some asthma medicine. When I use my Ventolin more than usual, I get hand tremors. That’s a normal and acceptable side effect of some asthma medicine. Systemic steroids also cause this. And when I’m on them, I get worse tremors than normal.

I was shaking really bad while taking care of a patient once. A doctor pulled me aside and jokingly said, “You look like you’re going through detox!” Well, I wasn’t. I laughed with him. But, I never forgot the comment. And I will be sure to add it to our ongoing list of things not to say to asthmatics.

But, my dad has hand tremors too. He even takes medicine for it. My mom also has the same issue. My brother Dan definitely has tremors, maybe even more so than me. He cannot hold a plate EVER with just one hand. And none of them are diagnosed with asthma.

So, this makes me wonder if I’d have tremors whether or not I had asthma.


Yep, I get that too. For crying out loud (mom always said that), I worry about everything. I get stressed easily. I get claustrophobic sometimes. I get social anxiety in crowded areas. I stay up late at night worrying. In fact, so much so my doctor prescribed Benadryl every night before bed.

So, is this asthma?

Sure, many studies link asthma to anxiety. And I do support these theories. But, my mom has anxiety. My brothers admittedly have it. So, is it asthma or hereditary? Who knows. Research is ongoing.


For crying out loud. I hate those things. Just thinking of them now makes me feel like I’m developing one. Now I’m worried. And, I think, anxiety brings on many of my headaches. And some turn into migraines. And there are credible studies done linking asthma, anxiety, and headaches.

So, are mine asthma? Are they side-effects of asthma medicine? Or, are they just normal? Who knows.

Stomach trouble

Yep! You guessed it. Stomach trouble is linked to asthma. Credible studies link GERD and asthma. It could be asthma itself. It could also be a side effect of one of the side effects. It could also be a side effect of chronic use of theophylline for 30 years. Or, it could be a side effect of chronic use of steroids as a kid. Who knows.

Or, many people have stomach trouble. So, is it just a coincidence I developed ulcers in my past? Is it just a coincidence I have a hiatal hernia diagnosed at age 45? Is it just a coincidence I have GERD? Maybe.

Nasal trouble

I had horrible sinusitis as a kid. It most surely was due to allergies. I had rhinitis often as a kid. My sinusitis may he been a side effect of rhinitis. I developed a deviated septum once. That was probably due to constant nose rubbing. Or, was it? I had to have this repaired with surgery.

Then my nasal issues went away. After my surgery, I was fine. No longer did mom tell me she could always tell where I was by the trail of tissues. That was a nice thing to say to me. It meant things were getting better.

But, were my nasal issues a side effect of asthma?  Was it allergies? Was it just a gene that I carry? Like, no one knows for sure. Some asthmatics have nasal polyps. Those have definitely been linked with asthma. But, are they really?

I mean, we really don’t know for sure, and that’s why research is ongoing even in regards to nasal problems and asthma.

My conclusion

The truth is, you can link anything to asthma. Anxiety, GERD, and stomach trouble. Google fill in blank condition or symptoms and you will probably find a study somewhere linking it with asthma. So, are these studies viable? Most often, the authors note that further research is necessary before coming to a final conclusion.

But, what we do know is many of these are seemingly more common in the asthma community compared to the non-asthma community. So, links between these conditions and asthma are definitely worthy of ongoing investigations.

What lesser-known side effects of asthma have you experienced? Share in the comments below!

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